Update 14 July 2012

At this stage of my trip I've spent a lot more money than expected. It is true that having started this trip with the United States where we rented a car from the start have made a huge hole in the budget. Also there were more unexpected expenses such as adding two flights (Medellin Cartagena-Cartagena-Bogota, in Colombia) and the change of the date of my flight to Brazil.

I plan a budget of 2000 euros for New Zealand and Australia; 3000 euros for Asia, a total of 5000 euros. Today my bank account shows barely 4,000 euros and I still have a month to go in South America.

The only solution: to work! Indeed I intend to stop in Australia to work at least for one month to fill up my bank account.

At the same time I appeal for donations one more time by suggesting you to be a member of the newsletter that I publish every month. It contains new pictures and an account of what happened during the month. To join you just need to donate the amount of your choice. Again, no matter how small the donation is, it would definitely help me.

I also sent a postcard to those who send me their address.

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Thank you all for your help and your support.



update 20/12/11

Thanks to your generous donations I've finally managed to buy a rucksack that will travel with me throughout the year ( You can see it on the facebook page Morgan around the world) I have raised about £200 which has allowed me to buy a very quality bag. Thank you so much to those who made a donation.

I still need about £300 before I leave. I need this money to buy a sleeping bag, a microphone, hiking shoes and a couple of memory cards for camera. You can definitely help me by registering to my monthly newsletter! A donation as little as £5 could make a difference!!!

For companies I would be happy to promote some equipment as well as your brand, I can send you a sponsoring proposal that you can require at


10 000 pounds is the amount I will hopefully have put aside by December. This is a potentially small budget to survive 12 months, furthermore I start this adventure crossing one of the most expensive countries in the world – the United States- and I still have lot of money to spend before I go (backpack, some internal flights, microphone to capture some quality sound that will go with my videos...)

So I aim to try to collect some money which could help me paying the last expenses before the beginning of the journey...That's when you can get involved!

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