My Calendar 2012/2013

Update June 2013

After a one year break in Australia to work in the middle of my trip, i will start the Asian part of my trip on the 3rd September 2013 in Bangkok. Then nothing is really planned in terms of date but I definitely want to visit Lao, Cambodia, Vietnam and India.

I constantly will be moving for a year but if you do some travelling in 2012 we might end up in the same country so why not meeting up and do some travelling together! Here is a rough schedule of my trip. It's very likely to change throughout the journey. I will try to keep it updated so let me know if you're there or if you have some contacts in any of these countries who might be able to host me for a night, show me around or just go for a drink when I'm there

29th January 2012: Arrival in New York

29thJan.- 3rd February 2012: New York

4th-5th Feb. 2012: Philadelphia

6th Feb. 2012: Washington

7th-11th Feb. 2012: Miami

12th- 29th Feb. 2012: West America by car. From Albuquerque to San Diego (Death Valley, Yellowstone, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles)

1st March 2012: Arrival in Mexico

23th- 25th March 2012: Birthday in Cancun

26th- 1st April 2012: Panama City

1st - 15th April 2012: Colombia

15th – 30th April 2012: Peru

1st- 15th May 2012: Bolivia

15th May 2012: Sao Paulo (Brazil)

June 2012: Argentina/Chile

From the the moment when I leave South America the dates of my flight are flexible; I can change them whenever I want.

July 2012: New Zealand  (3 weeks)

August 2012:Australia (3 weeks)

September 2012: Thailand

October 2012: Cambodia/Laos

November/December 2012:Vietnam/ (China)

December/January 2012: India


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