Words of Travellers

While preparing my trip I've met a few travellers who lived or spent some time abroad. I've gathered a few informations and interesting stories about the countries I'm about to visit.

Words of travellers will be a short series of videos based on travelling experiences. Throughout the stories of these travellers I want to share with you some curious anecdotes and the pieces of advice that I've been given.


Episode 1: Stories from China

In this first episode Pelagie and Francesco talk about China and more especially about Shanghai where they both worked for one and two years.

They talk about their first impressions when they arrived as well as their encounters in the country with the locals. They reveal some very curious aspects of the Chinese customs and behaviours that I invite you to check out!

Pelagie's top 3 places in Shanghai

The old Shanghai very traditional area.

The Jade Temple

The Bund

Francesco's top 3 places in China



Dali (in Yunnan)

The most beautiful thing he saw in China was a lake called Lugu situated on the border between Yunnan and Sichuan, in West of China, close to Tibet.

The pictures that illustrate these interviews belong to Pelagie and Francesco. If you're going to China or just curious about this country don't miss Francesco's blog on this country http://ilpescerosso.blogspot.com/


Episode 2 Take the anti-Malaria treatment...or not!

In this second episode I met Namrata, Alex, Carl and Esther.

They all went to countries where the treatment against malaria is strongly recommended by doctors.

Esther and Alex were strongly against this treatment before they went to India and Africa but their opinions have changed dramatically after they had bad experiences.


Episode 3 Stories from India

In this second episode three travellers talk about their experiences in India. Alex worked there with children for a few months. Esther went to India for a month holiday. Namrata is from Bombay and she lived there most of her life. They all talk about the country's huge contrasts, customs and poverty.

Esther's top 3 places



Esther prefers the North of the country as it's not as modern as the South, she liked the Indian countryside.

Alex's top 3 places in South of India




In her interview Esther talk about men who grope tourists on the trains and buses. Apparently this seems to be quite frequent in Asian countries and I've found a funny article about it on Melvin Durai's blog that you should check out. http://www.nshima.com/2008/04/groping-on-the.htmlhttp://www.nshima.com/2008/04/groping-on-the.html

Travelling in India: Alex and Esther's 5 commandments

Why you should never use your left hand in India? What should you do if you're followed in the street? Find out all the answers to these question in this new video in which Esther and Alex give their 5 commandments.


Episode 4 Stories from Cambodia

Today Carl is taking you to Cambodia where he went to work for a few month. Through very engaging stories he tells us how he explored the country. Find out how he found himself in a dangerous situation right in the middle of the traffic in the Phnom Penh, the capital!


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