Mar 29, 2012

Assessment Mexico

I've left Mexico two days ago so it's now to write a brief assessment based on our experience there during this month.
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I've left Mexico two days ago so it's now to write a brief assessment based on our experience there during this month.

First of all Mexicans are extremely kind, we discovered a country very warm. They are very welcoming, 'mi casa tu casa' and if they have time they'd use it to show you around and make you try some local specialities.

Be careful though when you ask for directions, Mexicans are so nice that they would never tell you that they don't know where a place is and in the end they might guide you to the wrong place!

Don't worry if you're late to meet a Mexican, you can be sure that he/she will arrive later than you!

Mexico is a country in which religion is really important. You'll find a church at the corner of every street (one more beautiful and colourful than the other) but also the Virgin absolutely everywhere even in the public transport. You even become a bit suspicious when you don't see a Virgin hanging from the taxi or bus rear view mirror.

One of the very colourful church in Puebla

A note here on the representation of Christ which is much more graphic than in Europe. Indeed, in some churches its representations are very realistic with a lot of gory details that we would never find in our churches.

One of the very gory representations of the Christ in a church in Puebla

One of the most popular and cheapest transportation is the collectivo. It can be a small truck in which you can jump at the back or it could be a kind of dodgy taxi. Anyway, if you're seated at the front, next to the driver, don't be surprised if someone get on right next to you and push you a bit to share the seat with you!

Patrick at the back of a collectivo

Watch out for the sauces! Mexican eat very spicy food so if you don't want to end up crying, red and sweating in the middle of a restaurant, you'd better taste the sauce with your finger first.

Finally, don't be surprised if some people stare at you in the street, it's just that you look very European and Mexican seem to like it. They might even stop you to take a picture with them or the children might call you a gringo! - Spanish slang originally used to designate a foreigner- often American!