They talk about it

Both on the press and the web on they talk about my project around the world

Ici Londres

In January 2012 the video presenting my project appeared on the home page of Ici Londres which is a website aimed at the French living in London

Landry wrote an article about my project. Through this interview I talk about my feelings a week before the departure. Don't miss his website, you'll find many stories from travellers who went in different of the world. Most videos are in French but some of them have English subtitles. Check it out!


Devant chez vous

This local newspaper published several articles following the development of my trip around the world. In February 2015 they published a two page article that comes back to my 2,5 year trip.

This French magazine also published an article about my round the world project in February 2012


E-Dreams wrote an article about my project in French in their blog of the week section


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